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    SEKI ST-22 Series Thermal Protector

    SEKI ST-22 Series Thermal Protector

    Product NameSEKI ST-22 Series Thermal Protector


    Product Description

    Eidoll Electronics CO., Ltd sales the SEKI ST-22 all models,the specifications as below:

    ST-22 Bimetal Thermostat
    (Type P, W)

    Bimetal Thermostat Feature
  • Snap Action
  • Automatic Reset
  • 100% Water Proof
  • Superior Heat Response
  • High Grade Thermoplastic Insulated Case.

  • SEKI's bimetal thermostats are overheat protection devices for electric appliances and they are reusable parts that are reset when equipment cools. If the fault still exists, the motor protectors continue to automatically protect the equipment.

    There're two models in our bimetal thermostat, ST-12 & ST-22. ST-12 is used for overheat protection for hair dryer, electric fan heaters, popcorn machines, electric ovens, dish dryers and etc. ST-22 bimetal thermostat is used for overheat protection for electric motors, fluorescent ballasts, battery chargers, transformers, solenoids, heating pads, OA-machines and etc.

    Motor Protector

    Snap Action, Automatic Reset Bimetals, Moisture-Proof, Dust-Proof, Superior Heat Response
    ST-22 motor protector features snap action, automatic reset, moisture/dust proof, and superior heat response and high grade thermoplastic insulation, which can be used for overheat protection of Electric Motors, Fluorescent Ballasts, Battery Chargers, Transformers, Solenoids, Heating Pads, OA-machines and etc.

    Overheat Protection for Electric Motors, Fluorescent Ballasts, Battery Chargers, Transformers, Solenoids, Heating pads, OA-Machines ETC.

    Temperature Setting range (at no load)
    50C ~ 150C


    ON-OFF Differential Temp (general)
    30 15K

    Heat Endurance
    Open temp. +5C/continuity,  200C/1 min.

    Life test (Resistive Load)
    10A/125V 10,000 cycles,  7A/250V 10,000 cycles3A/48VDC

    Contact Capacity
    Min. Current 50mA/continuity,  Max. Current 30A/5 cycles

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